Veterans Day 2016

Tim Lucas
Military VA Loan editor

Veterans are the life blood of our country’s freedom.

If those who have served had never served, we would not be living in the same America.

We set aside November 11th each year to honor all who have made sacrifices – and the greatest sacrifice – to promote freedom and prosperity in the United States.

While one day is not enough to shine a light on our nation’s Veterans, we want to take this opportunity to recognize, appreciate and thank members of every branch of the military:

  • Air Force
  • Air National Guard
  • Army
  • Army National Guard
  • Coast Guard
  • U.S. Merchant Marine (WWII)
  • Marine Corps
  • Navy

Without these brave individuals who dared to answer the call, we would not know true freedom. Freedom isn’t free. That why we honor all who served. Happy Veterans Day.


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