Which Refinance Type Is Best For You? (VA, FHA, USDA, Conventional)

Posted on: March 5, 2020

There are different types of mortgage loans available to today’s consumer, each with slightly different guidelines. Some have inherent advantages so it takes some time to consider which loan type […]

Occupancy requirements for VA loans

VA Loan Occupancy Requirements

Posted on: March 4, 2020

The VA loan and IRRRL refinance are among the best mortgage products on the market. However, there are certain eligibility requirements to get either VA product. One requirement of the […]

VA Home Loan Entitlement Restoration

VA Home Loan Entitlement Restoration

Posted on: March 3, 2020

One persistent myth about VA loans is these mortgages are only for first-time buyers. It’s just not true. VA entitlement restoration is easy. In other words, you can get all […]

Getting two VA loans at once

Getting A Second VA Loan

Posted on: March 3, 2020

Many homeowners who have used a VA loan before wonder if they can use the program again. After all, with its many benefits, the VA loan is often the best […]

How To Choose Your Mortgage Points and Rate

How To Choose Your Mortgage Points and Rate

Posted on: March 2, 2020

The VA home loan benefits are many but the most popular features are the no-money down component, relaxed qualifying guidelines and reduced closing costs. Qualifying VA borrowers are limited to […]

VA Approved Condo Search

Use Your VA Home Loan Benefit To Buy A Condo

Posted on: March 2, 2020

For any veteran of the Armed Forces, National Guard, or the Reserves granted a VA homeowner’s loan, a common question can arise – “can I use the loan to purchase […]

Using a VA loan when retired

Qualifying for a VA Loan When You’re Retired

Posted on: February 28, 2020

You’re a veteran who decided to retire. Now you can enjoy the time off and move wherever you’d like. However, you don’t have the same type of income, and you’re […]

Can you get a loan worth more than a house

Can You Borrow More Than The Value Of Your Home?

Posted on: February 25, 2020

When most people buy homes, they have to use financing — or a mortgage — to afford it. Traditionally, a 20 percent downpayment has been required in able to qualify […]

Using a VA streamline refinance on a rental home

How To Rent Out A Home You Purchased With A VA Loan

Posted on: February 24, 2020

The VA wants their mortgage program to get veterans and active military into houses, not for people to get vacation homes or investment properties. Current VA homeowners must occupy their […]


How To Prepare For A VA Streamline Refinance

Posted on: February 20, 2020

The VA streamline refinance, also known as the Interest Rate Reduction Refinance Loan (IRRRL), is intended to help veterans lower their interest rate and monthly payments. Unlike the VA cash-out […]