Army Vet Berated Over Service Dog in Restaurant

Soyeon Kim
Military VA Loan contributor

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) is a very real thing, and all too real for a lot of the men and women who have come back from the battlefield. For some, a service animal is the perfect way to combat against the ongoing difficulties that PTSD brings. Army Veteran, Master Sgt. Bill Austin is like the thousands of others who have a service animal, except I’m sure he wasn’t expecting this to happen.

“You have an animal in a public restaurant!” the woman is seen screaming and pointing at a U.S. Army veteran and his Great Dane, a PTSD service dog.

When told that the dog is there to protect and calm its owner, who served in the military, the woman yells, “Congratulations! So what? It’s still nasty to me,” later mentioning her father-in-law also served to protect this country.

The woman in the Delaware seafood restaurant, who has been identified as Ciara Miller, told a local newspaper there is more to the story that what is in the video. She says she became upset when the dog’s backside got too close to her than she would have liked.

“We’ve never been screamed at like that,” Austin said. “I mean, we’ve had people ask us questions, or comments about the dog because he’s so big.”

What are your thoughts on service animals for our veterans?