VA Home Loan Credit Score | Requirements 2021


VA Home Loan Credit Score | Requirements 2021

Posted on: July 21, 2021

In addition to providing your current financial information and checking your VA eligibility, you’ll need to prove that you have a decent enough credit score to qualify for a VA […]

6 steps to fixing your credit before using the VA home loan program

6 Steps to Restore Your Credit | VA Loan Requirements

Posted on: May 20, 2021

The VA home loan program offers one of the most seamless mortgage application processes available. For qualified military and veteran applicants, the income requirements are flexible and you can become […]

Credit scores and VA loan eligibility

How Credit Scores Impact VA Loans

Posted on: March 23, 2018

When applying for a mortgage, one of the first pieces of information your lender is going to ask for is your credit score. Credit scores can be tricky. They can […]

Credit Repair Self Help Tactics After Common Mistakes in the Military

Credit Repair DIY Tips for Military Veterans

Posted on: July 13, 2016

As a mortgage loan officer, I sometimes work with “credit challenged” customers – people with no credit history, a damaged credit history or too much debt relative to their incomes. […]

“Fico 9” Could Raise Your Credit Score by 25+ Points. But Will Lenders Adopt It?

Posted on: November 14, 2014

FICO, the company that developed the widely used credit scoring model is making a few waves. Waves that should help consumers who have certain issues in their credit history. When […]

How the Fair Credit Reporting Act Helps You

Posted on: August 2, 2013

by Ron Bennett, 35-year Army veteran and VA Loan Officer I am honored to be a guest on a local radio show twice a month. On a recent show, I decided […]