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Useful Tips to Help Veterans Save Money

Posted on: December 14, 2012

US veterans who have served their country with honor shouldn’t feel uncomfortable looking for discounts and opportunities that they are available for veterans.

Tips to Help Veterans Save Money

Dining & Travel Discounts

Veterans can enjoy a plethora of travel discount opportunities throughout the United States. It is worthwhile to ask when making a hotel reservation if the hotel has military and veteran discounts. According to MilitaryDiscountCentral, there are many websites that list hotel choices that offer discounts to veterans; and these are obviously locations worth exploring for your next trip. Furthermore, veterans can find cruise lines like Carnival that have military discounts, as well as travel discounts on major carriers such as Amtrak and Greyound, and even some airlines which offer veteran discounts or special promotions.

While eating out on a vacation or at home, veterans can also find many restaurants that offer discounted meal prices as well. If you don’t eat out regularly but are looking for a night out, look for restaurants that offer special discounted dinners to honor those who have served their fellow countrymen.

Auto Insurance and Banking

Veteran auto insurance polices can make a large financial difference for former military personnel. Speak with USAA about the auto insurance and other insurance policies that they have in place. The organization offers discounted automobile rates, homeowner’s insurance policies, travel insurance benefits and banking programs.

Veterans Advantage Card

Every veteran should know about the Veterans Advantage Card. With a small membership fee, the card entitles veterans to discounts on a broad range of products and services, including phone services like AT&T and T-Mobile to clothing stores like Target and Foot Action USA to 1-800-Flowers. This card proves to be incredibly helpful and beneficial for veterans in almost any purchase they might make. The Veterans Advantage Card website offers an explanation of their fees and services and lists all of the various companies that offer discounts with them.


Some veterans have the opportunity to enjoy subsidized health services. Healthcare costs are on the rise, and each year it becomes more costly for the average working American to afford his healthcare costs. Veterans should find out if their health insurance costs are covered as a result of their service; if they aren’t, there may still be discounts that are possible for veterans through the regular insurance plans. See the VA Benefits webpage for more information.

Home Purchasing Assistance

Finally, any veteran should look into the VA Loan program to see if they quality for these benefits. There are no other mortgage loan opportunity that offers the range of benefits offered with the VA Loan or the VA IRRRL/Streamline line. With a VA Loan, it’s possible to borrow 100% of the loan while enjoying 30 year, 15 year or hybrid rates. The list of benefits with the VA Loan is long and vast, making it an essential component of any veteran’s inquiry after service.

These are a few of the many discounts that are offered to veterans of the Armed Forces. American certainly wants to give back to those who have protected it through the years, and one way to do so is with these various veteran discounts and services. Veterans should feel proud to take part in these discount opportunities, knowing that they are really America’s way of saying “Thank You.”

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