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VA Home Loan Benefits

VA home loans remove many of the traditional barriers to homeownership. As an eligible Veteran or active duty service member, you have access to lower upfront and monthly costs and an easier approval process.

Zero down

The VA home loan is one of the only mortgage types that don't require a down payment.

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Easier credit requirements

You could be approved for a VA home loan even if you have less than perfect credit.

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Lower rates

VA home loan rates are some of the lowest available.

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Easy refinancing

The VA streamline refinance does not require verification of income, assets or property value.

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VA Mortgage Rates, Eligibility & Requirements

Are You Eligible for a VA Home Loan?

Your commitment and bravery as a Servicemember or Veteran of the U.S. Armed Forces has earned you incredible home buying benefits. But many with military experience don't realize they are eligible. That's where we can help. We can obtain your Certificate of Eligibility (COE) for you, often within minutes. We can also assist you with getting your DD214. There's nothing to lose by checking your eligibility. Don't let your VA home loan benefit go unused. You've earned it!

VA Loan Advantages

More than 20 million Servicemembers and Veterans have taken advantage of their VA home loan benefit since the program began in 1944. There's a reason. The VA loan is much easier to qualify for compared to other kinds of loans. Buying a home with a VA loan is faster, easier and less expensive than other loan types. Most VA loan applicants are surprised at how easy the process is. Why wait any longer? To learn more, see our Buyer's Guide, or get started on your VA home purchase now.

VA Streamline Refinance

With the VA streamline refinance, you can drop your interest rate and payment quickly and easily.

VA Cashout Refinance

A VA Cash-out Refinance lets you open a loan for up to 100% of your home's value, and use proceeds for any purpose. You can even refinance a non-VA Loan. Consolidate debt or remodel your home.


There are many ways to apply for a VA home loan. Why use us?

We've helped thousands of Servicemembers and Veterans get into the home of their dreams. With our streamlined process, the VA home purchase or refinance process is made simple. But we also give back to the military community. We participate in military job fairs, send care packages to our troops, and help families in need. We are in touch with today's military families. Check out our Giving Back page. You can get a great deal and also feel great about using for all your VA home loan needs.


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