The Veteran Loan Program 2022


Understanding how much you can afford and what your monthly payment is a fundamental step in the home buying journey. VA interest rates have hit 40-year lows over the past couple years. For veterans interested in buying a home, this means that right now is perhaps the best time to buy a home in recent history.

Home finance experts say the VA Loan is one of the most powerful and accessible loan products on the market

Ready to do your homework and understand how low VA rates could help you buy a new home? Use our VA loan calculator to get a better understanding how much you could afford with a VA loan.

Experts also recommend veterans compare (aka “shop around”) VA rate estimates from top lenders.

Ready to start comparing (aka “shopping around”) VA loan estimates from top lenders? Join the millions of veterans who have bought a home with the VA loan – contact VA-approved lenders.

I’m Ready to Apply for a VA Loan. What’s my Next Step?

Take advantage of your VA Home Loan benefit and find a lender who specialized in VA mortgages. Rates are low and it’s a great time to lower your home payment.

Select Your State For Lower Rates


Source of information on this page: VA Handbook