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Conventional Loan vs. VA Loan

When comparing a VA loan to a conventional loan, there’s a clear winner. The VA loan allows you to buy more home for less money. If you are VA eligible, you have an advantage over the average homebuyer. Here’s how a VA loan stacks up against a conventional loan:


VA Loan

Conventional Loan

No Down Payment Required

Typically at least 5% down is required

No monthly mortgage insurance

Mortgage insurance can be hundreds of dollars per month

Lenient credit guidelines

Typically only for those with excellent credit

Limitation on which closing costs the veteran can pay

Borrower pays full closing costs

Great interest rates

Interest rates typically higher than VA

Loan may be assumable by a subsequent buyer

Loan is rarely assumable

Loan may be used to build or
a home

Loan can’t be used for construction or rehab

Seller can pay all closing costs

Seller can only pay closing costs up to 3% of the purchase price for low-down payment loans

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VA, FHA, USDA, or Conventional?

As an eligible veteran you are entitled to a VA loan, which is a better choice than FHA, USDA or Conventional in most cases. See our VA loan benefits page for a comparison of these loan types.

The VA Home Loan is the clear winner

These and many other major advantages are extended to our nation’s finest for their faithful service. In recognition of your loyalty and to honor your unselfish sacrifices, VA home loans represent a hefty token of appreciation from your government. If you are an eligible veteran, accept your exclusive invitation to attain the American Dream today. Call 888-516-9990 or complete our simple contact request form.

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